Sunday 12 September 2010

The Complete Beginners Guide To Practice

Complete Beginners Guide to Music Practice
A downloadable guide to the practice of music practice from our colleagues over at HowToPractice. 50,000 years in the making (200,000 manhours) and best of all, it's all released under a CreativeCommons license, free for the taking with express permission to copy, rebundle and distribute in whole or in part to your music students, your classmates or your band members.

The Complete Beginners Guide to Practice is the How To Practice guide to getting started with music practice. Over 50 pages packed full of advice it is the perfect way to improve your practice.

If you are not already a member of HowToPractice you can join for free. Then if you would like to discuss anything you have read in the guide or ask any questions or get help with your practice then you can do so in the Music Practice Forums.

to pick up your own copy, click here or visit

My most favourite quote on the practice of practice is not actually in this book, it's from the movie Godzilla: Final Wars: two brothers have a falling out and go into the battle practice room, one earnestly tries to do in our hero who, when he gains the upper hand, refuses to deliver a final blow. The teacher interrupts their quarrelling and tells them:

"The purpose of practice is not to better your opponent. The purpose of practice is to be better than you were yesterday."



  1. Hi, thanks for the mention. I'm really glad you like the guide.200,000 hours? Nah, it just felt like that!!?Thanks again.

  2. yes, well we don't want to forget those generations upon generations of #music teachers upon whose shoulders this guide can stand! 200,000 is probably a conservative estimate! Thank you so much for posting this, and posting it under a too! Brilliant :)