Monday 9 January 2012

We're Older Than We Think!

The answer to a long-standing mystery solved in an email today from Judy Gray:
???The Advertiser??? (Owen Sound???s other newspaper at the time) stated on July 22, 1920..??
"the city granted $600 to the??new City??Band."

So we have a birthday! ??I suppose that was a council report from Wednesday the 21 inaugurating the Owen Sound City Band by an order of council to approve the budget that kickstarted William Isles and his bandsmen! That means we're goin' on 92 years old now, and still lookin' pretty good!


Photos! Dec. 19 at Summit Place

Linda Joch sends us this photolog from last year's show at the Summit Place -- if you've been thinking about joining your friendly neighbourhood community band, here's what it's like :)

psst -- our 2012 season rehearsals start tonight, 7:30pm at OSCVI, just so you know ...