Wednesday 28 July 2010

Harrison Park, July 26, 2010

From the end of the school year until the end of August, the City Band performs live at the gazebo in Harrison Park; that old bandshell is very nearly as old as the City Band, so we share a certain kinship :)

Last Monday night was a beautiful evening for an outdoor rumba in the park, the sky was clear and calm, kids were playing in the playground, there was t'ai chi in the Good Cheer courts, distant ducks on the river and the birds were singing in the trees; Linda Joch stopped by with her camera and sent us a couple of photos.


Tuesday 27 July 2010

City Band Playlist for Summer 2010

Here's a preview peak at the Owen Sound City Band current bandbook and the playlist for our summer shows at Harrison Park; the band plays at the gazebo every Monday evening at 7:15 (rain or shine) except on the civic holiday, bring a lawn chair, play in the playground, feed the swans or do your t'ai chi and enjoy the sound!

Thursday 1 July 2010

Video: Canada Day at Grey Roots

while the town square park at the Moreston Heritage Village may not be quite complete, the bandshell is up, and that's reason enough for the Owen Sound City Band to give it a grand (but chilly)??Canada Day inaugural concert. ??It was just like old times ...

photography by Riordain Murphy (age 4)