Sunday 23 December 2012

A Very Merry Christmas from your Owen Sound City Band

And so ends another busy year of concerts, parades and music music music!! Here to wrap it all up, our gift to you, some action photos (via Linda Joch) from our annual Family Christmas Concert last weekend at the Bayshore Community Centre, with a bit of free Christmas music thrown in for extra fun, a few tunes from us, and a one from our special guests, the Hillcrest Husky Ensemble!

Thursday 13 September 2012

And the bandmaster is...


A message from our City Band President:

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Julia Richards has been hired on a permanent basis as bandmaster for the Owen Sound City Band.

 Three cheers for the first female bandmaster for the Owen Sound City Band!

 The executive has also appointed Dan Blenkinsop to the position of Deputy Bandmaster.

 Congratulations to you both and I look forward to many great performances to come.
Clinton Stredwick
President of the Owen Sound City Band


Friday 10 August 2012

Central Place Courtyard (12-08-07)

Some scenes (and sounds) from down by the fountain in the courtyard of Central Place last Tuesday evening, the Owen Sound City Band under the direction of our intrepid semi-conductor Dan Blenkensop, staving off the rainclouds with that big windband sound :)

many thanks to our resident photographer Linda Joch for sending these along!

Tuesday 10 July 2012

A Nice Evening for A Concert In The Park!

Some scenes and sounds from last Monday evening, our first show of the 2012 Summer Concerts in the Park series, and also our own City Band Member's BBQ! :) ??On the MP3s we have Celebrate Ontario, a mysterious hand-written score we found in the archives, very likely dating back to the Ontario Bicentennial in 1983, and a positively psychedelic old-time march Slidin' Easy, a trombone feature??that is just way too fun to play. ??The third is the original-score Copa Cabana, a must-have tune for these hot Sydenham summer nights in July!

From now until the end of Summer, the Owen Sound City Band will be performing at the bandstand in Harrison Park every Monday evening except the Civic Holiday weekend, with the July shows starting at 7:30pm and 7:15pm in August. ??We'll also be out at the Queen's Park bandstand downtown on First Avenue West on the third Thursdays of each month; you can come out to listen, or, if you are a player, do come out and sit in with the band! ??We have extra music folders and we'd love to have you in the group -- making music together is what it's all about!

Wednesday 27 June 2012

City Band Summer Schedule

Here's our schedule for the 2012 Summer Season


Please plan to arrive early due to limited parking, etc.
The organizers recommend parking at the old Health Unit building at 9th St or at the municipal lot south on 1st Ave E. ??Cars will be allowed through the barricade to drop off instruments, but will likely not be permitted to park along 1st Ave West.
    Band to play 6:30 to 7:20PM.

    Please avoid setting up equipment in front of the previous act (singing 6:15 - 6:30), by setting up our equipment before they start, or quietly at the side, then finish setting up when they are finished. Thanks you.

    band to play from 7:30PM on, for one hour or more.????

    Two rows of table in the Picnic shelter have been booked for the afternoon and evening, to use as social get-together for band members and their families. More details to follow -

  • Thursday JULY 12th 7PM civic re-dedication ceremony commemorating official 100 year anniversary of Harrison Park??to be held at the Harrison Park Bandstand.

  • Saturday, JULY 14th - HARRISON PARK CENTENNIAL PICNIC at 12 o'clock NOON
    Billed as an all-ages Old Tyme Picnic, this is a free event hosted by the Friends of Harrison Park; the festivities begin with a mass canoe floatilla arriving at the north island at 11am with the opening ceremonies capped by an old-fashioned bandstand concert (ie us ;)??

    Here again parking is extremely limited??-- car pool if at all possible, there will be shuttle busses brining the public to the park from the municipal parking lots. ??If you do arrive by car, tell the gate guard that you are will the city band and expect to be directed to parking at the bottom of the hill. ??They are expecting 1000 visitors or more and Harrison Park only has a few dozen parking spots.

  • Monday JULY 16th, HARRISON PARK CONCERT - 7:30PM Start
  • Monday JULY 23rd, HARRISON PARK CONCERT - 7:30PM Start
  • Thursday JULY 26th, QUEEN'S PARK CONCERT (to be confirmed) - 7:30PM Start
  • Tuesday??AUGUST 7th, Central Place Retirement Community - Courtyard 7:30PM Start

  • Monday AUGUST 13th, HARRISON PARK CONCERT - 7:15PM Start

  • Monday AUGUST 20th. HARRISON PARK CONCERT, 7:15PM Start

  • Thursday AUGUST 23rd - QUEEN'S PARK CONCERT (to be confirmed) - 7:15PM Start

  • Monday, AUGUST 27 - HARRISON PARK CONCERT?? 7:15PM Start

  • Saturday, SEPTEMBER 1st - noon, DESBORO FALL FAIR
The two Thursday evening Queen's Park Bandstand concerts have yet to be confirmed by the City; a confirmation on these will follow later.

Friday 27 April 2012

AGM Agenda and 2011 minutes

Yes, it's that time of year again: this Monday evening regular practice will be bumped aside for our Annual General Meeting, with the election of officers and (re)appointment of the bandmaster and all that fun administrative stuff. Attached here are the minutes of last year's AGM and our Agenda for Monday. ??Should you notice any errors or omissions, or if you have something to add for the meeting, please contact Clinton Stredwick directly.

Friday 30 March 2012

Call for Comment: Draft of the OSCB Constitution Online for Review

As promised at the 2011 GM, the constitution committee set out to craft a new modern constitution for the band and the first public draft of this is hereby available for member review; the constitution draft will be posted here and on the main website for the 30 days leading to the annual GM on April 30, 2012 whereupon, with member recommended changes and amendments, the membership will vote on adopting the official constitution.

Through the course of our 92 year history, the City Band has had several constitutions, some simple, some quite elaborate (and on legal-sized paper no less!) but as it sits, the last was crafted in 1963 with some modernizing changes made in the 1970's and while we have been using that document as a guide for executive policy, those guidelines are clearly outdated and inappropriate in our modern community band situations. ??For one thing, we cannot afford to pay our members (yes, once upon a time you did get paid to have this much fun! ??well, ok, it may not have actually been this much fun, and besides, the pay wasn't much anyway)

So a new deal was sorely needed and here it is, our first crack at defining who we are in 2012 and who we hope to be going forward into our second century. Please understand that this document is a DRAFT only, submitted for comment and approval, it is not ratified, it is just our starting point towards a workable constitution to hopefully be ratified by the membership at the AGM April 30th. Comments are welcome and encouraged; members are invited to comment directly to Clinton Stredwick, band president; an email will follow later today explaining the membership process for comments.

Friday 23 March 2012

Stormy Weather - YouTube

1933 arrangement by David Bennett of the Ted Koehler and Harold Arlen "Descriptive Fantasy" STORMY WEATHER; recorded last summer during Monday Night concert series on the Harrison Park bandstand with the Owen Sound City Band under the direction of Robert Tite.


Ethel Waters first sang Stormy Weather at The Cotton Club night club in Harlem in 1933 and recorded it that year, and in the same year it was sung in London by Elisabeth Welch and recorded by Frances Langford. It has since been performed by artists as diverse as Frank Sinatra, Clodagh Rodgers, and Reigning Sound and most famously by Lena Horne and Billie Holiday. Leo Reisman's orchestra version had the biggest hit on records (with Arlen himself as vocalist)

David Bennett (b. Ida Grove, IA 3 Sept. 1892; d. Chicago, IL 27 Aug. 1990) was a nationally known band-music composer and arranger in the 30's and 40's, and named a life-member of the American Bandmasters Assoc in 1929 -- the Carl Fischer catalog gives his bio as:

David Bennett's name on a composition, as composer or arranger, has for years been a symbol of quality and distinction to discriminating music directors. His compositions and arrangements reflect a thorough understanding of the problems of players and directors alike, gained from a long and varied experience in every phase of music. Characterized by sound musicianship and good taste, the David Bennett publications in the Carl Fischer catalog have deservedly found a wide audience.

Monday 9 January 2012

We're Older Than We Think!

The answer to a long-standing mystery solved in an email today from Judy Gray:
???The Advertiser??? (Owen Sound???s other newspaper at the time) stated on July 22, 1920..??
"the city granted $600 to the??new City??Band."

So we have a birthday! ??I suppose that was a council report from Wednesday the 21 inaugurating the Owen Sound City Band by an order of council to approve the budget that kickstarted William Isles and his bandsmen! That means we're goin' on 92 years old now, and still lookin' pretty good!


Photos! Dec. 19 at Summit Place

Linda Joch sends us this photolog from last year's show at the Summit Place -- if you've been thinking about joining your friendly neighbourhood community band, here's what it's like :)

psst -- our 2012 season rehearsals start tonight, 7:30pm at OSCVI, just so you know ...