Friday 27 August 2010

The Full Sturgeon Moon

Last??Monday's??moon was so named by the Algonquians as the very best time to catch this large fish of our Great Lakes and the apropos start of the Owen Sound Salmon Spectacular??(starts today!)????A few tribes also knew it as the Full Red Moon seen through the end of summer dusty haze, also the Green Corn Moon or Grain Moon and called the Fruit Moon in Cherokee lore, but for the City band last??Monday??it was a looming dark ??and threatening to be stormy night prompting a retreat up into the lighthouse castle of the Harrison Park bandshell.

And you can't have a gothic castle without some vampire music ...

ah-oooo-oooo ah-ooooooo-ooooo-oooooo!
scary stuff boys and girls ....


Tuesday 17 August 2010

Scenes from the park, August 16

YIKES! Only two more weeks of summer?! ??Seems so and seems so soon, but the good news is our calendar is band-friendly this year and the Owen Sound City Band gets a fourth Monday evening Harrison Park show for the 23rd of August and then we get a fifth show tucked in that last shred of summer holiday before school begins.

Our thanks to all those who have popped out to the park all these Monday evenings; we've been super lucky the entire season with only one day's idle threat of rain. ??It's hard to beat, you have the park, the magesty of the towering trees, bird songs on the wind, children playing, teens out for a bit with friends, there's ice-cream cones and chips and the gathering geese overhead under a sunset sky dotted by the ol' devil moon while strains of Scarlatti, Sousa and John Williams tint hues at the edges. ??Wow. ??Who wouldn't want to be there!

Here's some photo scenes from the park to recapture a few kilobits of the magic; and we'll be back there next week, 7:15pm, and next Monday under a rising full moon! ??So r-r-r-romantic.


Monday 9 August 2010

Harrison Park, August 9 2010

Thanks to all our fans who braved a threat of weather to enjoy our first show of August in our 2010 summer concert series. Intrepid band photographer Linda Joch was out at the bandshell again this evening and sends in a few more action shots live from the gazebo dance floor high above the still rain-soaked Harrison Park playgrounds!

Oh, and the WETI-Institute will be interested to know that our musical call for interplanetary contact sadly did not rouse any reply ... or even an answering machine. ??Perhaps next Monday?


Sunday 8 August 2010

Harrison Park, July 2005

Some action photos from the archives of our old website, the Owen Sound City Band live in concert at the Harrison Park bandshell gazebo during the summer series of concerts in 2005

 we are, of course, still performing regularly at Harrison Park, right where we were in 2005, right where we were in 1955, and right where we were in 1925.  Your friendly municipal concert band is on the scene at Harrison Park every Monday evening at roughly 7:15 PM, rain or shine from late June to the end of August, live at the bandshell (where else?)