Friday 22 February 2013

Some Old City Band Photos

Bob Bell got a slide scanner for Christmas and sends us three more pictures from the OSCB's illustrious past:

"specifically the season of 1976-77. I was Deputy Bandmaster at the time and these are three gigs I led. The first picture is the Legion Church Parade, Sunday before Nov. 11th, formed up in front of First Baptist Church on 4th Ave. E.. There were still quite a few vets in the band that year.
"The second picture is quite possibly the worst Santa Claus Parade in living memory. We're marching west on 10th St. The building beside us is the Seldon House (Jason's) when it was still painted white. We are about to left wheel onto 2nd Ave. E. We marched shoulder to shoulder to try to keep warm. My trumpet plugged up with ice. The saxes kept losing notes until their reeds split. By the time we reached the reviewing stand at City Hall, we had only percussion left working.
"The third picture is the grand opening of the brand new Shallow Lake Arena. Indoors, thank goodness, though they put us on the ice."


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  1. Bob adds a footnote: "I neglected to mention one of the members in the church parade photo. The white-haired gentlemen wearing glasses and a navy topcoat and carrying a clarinet, is Tom Potter, who also appears in that old photo from the 1930's. Tom played clarinet and served as our librarian."