Thursday 10 March 2011

Scott Farmer sits in - circa 1979


People often ask us, "Who is the youngest member ever in the band?" and y'know, that's not always an easy question to answer. Chances are, though, Scott Farmer sitting in with the band here in a 1979 gig is at least a close runner up. Thanks for posting this Scott, and hey, is that a 70's era Bon Tempi four-valve cornet you're sporting there?


  1. This photo won a CP photo contest and was printed across Canada! I'm pretty sure the horn was plastic. Now i play a real Trumpet - Bach - and play piano, guitar, bass and drums! Moulded into music at a young age - and proud of it. Thanks for the nice post!

  2. LOL fame AND stardom! ... well Scott, you know, if you're ever around on a summer Monday night in Harrison Park, there's still a spot open for you in the horn section! :) Oh, and if you have any other great photos of the band you'd like to share, let us know, we love to get this stuff on the website to help coax others to follow your lead.I know Charlie Parker played a plastic Alto, so did Ornette, and Riordain (now 5) sometimes sits in with us on his plastic bontempi soprano, but this has to be one of the earliest soloists we've ever seen on a plastic trumpet! You were WAY ahead of the times there.