Saturday 2 October 2010

Noteflight: Online Notation Software

In need of a simple notation software that works? For free?
Noteflight was founded with the vision of making it simple for everyone to create and share musical ideas online. We started by building a place where individuals could create, view, hear and print musical scores. We established a community where our users could invite others to view, collaborate and comment. We discovered that music educators and instructors were excited about what we were doing, so we developed Noteflight Learning Edition. We are constantly finding new opportunities in partnering with others. And as we continue learning about new ways that people are using Noteflight, we are constantly introducing new features.
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You can spend hundreds on a full composer's arsenal of software, or even just $99 on simple small-ensemble notation tools like Finale Notebook, there are even free opensource tools like Rosegarden that can go some way to creating print-ready scores, but sometimes all you need is a quick way to illustrate a music point or transcribe a part or share an idea, and for that we now have Noteflight. I first heard of Noteflight by way of the TwitSym Project an online collaboration between anyone who cares to join in on writing a symphony using these Internet workflow tools.

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